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A31-CU Limited Edition

Copper has been used by humans longer than any other metal, with artifacts of the metal’s use dating back to 8,700 B.C. The Egyptians are known to have used copper for plumbing when constructing the pyramids. For its raw beauty, versatility, and durability, copper is often referred to as “man’s eternal metal”.

Today, copper is the finest material out of which a flashlight can be made. Its thermal and electrical conductivity are ideal for dissipating the heat generated by high-output LED systems, and it’s even anti-bacterial.

Copper is the only metal other than gold to have natural color, making the A31-CU as striking with high gloss polish on delivery as it will be elegantly with patina several generations from now.

The premium grade copper we use is as difficult as it is expensive to acquire raw, and each of our lights takes a combined total of 23 man and machine hours to cut, finish, and hand assemble. Please allow for a 3 week lead time on your order, as each light is created only when an order is received.

As a striking conversation piece or as a survival tool, this is a copper cannon capable of bringing the light of day wherever it is needed.

A note to potential buyers, copper is not a lightweight metal. This light makes a statement, as bold in character as it is in physical weight.


  • Sliding beam focus

  • LED: Luminus SST-50 5700k
  • Battery: Protected rechargeable high density lithium ion battery pack (3.7V, 5600mA)
  • LED Driver: High endurance design with no PWM flicker and no buzz
  • Optics: Polymethyl methacrylate Lens
  • Cooling: Large heat sink for continuous running and no thermal dimming
  • Low Battery Warning: Yes
  • Modes: Low, Med, High, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (resets to low when shut off)
  • Finish: Hi-Gloss Polished Copper
  • Grip: Machine style with ergonomic button placement

Package Includes:

  • A31-CU LED Flashlight

  • Ultra Hi-Density Li-ion Battery Charger
  • Handcrafted wood storage box with logo and unique build number laser engraved
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