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Founded in the summer of 2012, we set out with the simple mission to build the world’s finest flashlight. Of course, this was a task easier said than done. Such a light must both provide superior performance and an appealing aesthetic, utilizing only the finest materials and cutting edge components. The result of our design experiments was the A31 series of lights, released in early 2013. Efficiently utilizing the robust SST-50 LED in combination with a thermally optimized shell designed to shed the heat produced by high-output LED systems, the A31 searchlight platform offers continuous operation at full power without necessitating a “turbo” button, or the thermal dimming that plagues most high-powered lights.

The success of the A31 series inspired us to design and introduce the A1.8 series. Slightly more compact, but packing an equally impressive output for its size, the A1.8 series represents an evolution of the every-day-carry light.

Today, each of our lights is meticulously crafted, finished, and assembled by hand at our facility outside of New York City. The result is a resplendent light that exists for you and you alone, blurring the line between artistic craftsmanship and high-performance functionality. We invite you to experience personal lighting on a new level, and become one of the lucky few that will have the opportunity to call one of Alloy Light’s limited-production flashlights their own.

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