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Each Alloy Lights LED flashlight starts life as a solid billet of metal, sourced from one of several suppliers renowned for the consistency of their alloys. We maintain a small inventory of raw materials, but many of our lights are made to order.

Once we have a block of the chosen alloy, its surfaces are prepped and it is ready to be milled.

Each light is cut, one at a time, on our high precision vertical CNC mill. CNC milling individual lights allows us a great level of control over the shape and features of a light, so it can be optimized for efficiency and ergonomics.

After the flashlight body and cap are cut, each section is deburred and hand polished. We wanted to offer customers a variety of finish options on the lights, while retaining the natural look of the alloys used.

Flashlights made of the 6061-T6 aluminum are polished, and then sent to be clear anodized, which forms a hardened microscopic layer on the outside of the light, ideal for daily use.

7075-T6 aluminum is slightly harder than 6061-T6. These lights are polished to a high gloss. Highly polished aluminum gives off a beautiful luster identical to sterling silver.

Lights made of C-145 Tellurium Copper are made to order on an individual basis. These lights are polished to a high gloss for delivery, and gain a natural patina with age.

Primary internal components consist of the LED, an LED driver, and the battery. While many LED flashlights on the market have chosen to use the Cree XM-L series LED, we decided the Luminus SST-50 was a better match for our product for several reasons: higher lumen output per watt, greater output capacity so the LED need only run at ~60% (longer lifetime), more thermally efficient (2.45 vs 2.5 degC/watt), and finally its narrower 100° viewing angle is optimal for our lens and focusing feature.

The Luminus LED is combined with a robust driver that allows a variety of operating modes. These items are then connected to an Ultra-Hi-Density Lithium ion battery for an industry leading output/battery life/weight ratio. Each of these rechargeable batteries will last for hundreds of cycles.

Once all of the components are soldered, they are ready for assembly. Each individual Alloy Lights flashlight is hand assembled and quality reviewed by the engineers who designed it.

Every Alloy Lights LED flashlight comes packaged in a custom, laser engraved and uniquely numbered, wood storage case..

More alloys coming soon!

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